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Why You Should Not Box Dye Your Hair

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We all know the process of dying hair is all about chemistry. Results are dependent on the ratio and quantity of hair color, the type of dye and the starting color of the hair. Most box color users did not attend cosmetology school and can’t differentiate between color levels, read a color wheel or have the knowledge to select the right developer. It is so important to see a professional when you want to change your color, but sometimes, because of financial reasons or convenience, it may seem like a quick solution. Here are some reasons to skip the drug store box dye and to seek a professional before coloring your hair!

Unpredictable Results

The majority of the time, what you see on the box is not going to match what your hair looks like after coloring. Your hair color in unique to you and there are several factors that have to be considered before coloring. Natural tone, underlying pigment, skin tone, hair porosity, previous hair color and the percentage of grey all need to be taken into consideration when customizing your color. Then there is demi, semi, and permanent color. There is a huge difference between the hair color types. Each one has its own factors needed to be considered.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Box colors are formulated so that everyone can use it, but hair type, condition, and color are different depending on the person. Box dyes are formulated with maximum amounts of pigment and ammonia so that it can be used on most people. The overload of ingredients can significantly damage your hair. And an ammonia-free box color does not mean healthier hair. The best ammonia-free color is found in salons. One person may need a 3% developer while another would need a 9%. Most box dyes use a 12% or higher developer to ensure it works on any hair type, but that can be dangerous. One size pants doesn’t fit all, so why would you do it to your hair?

Flat Color

Even if your box dye says it will give you a blend of colors, box dyes contain only one formula. If you have pre-existing color or highlights, your color can also look uneven. If you do not have highlights, you will be stuck with one boring, flat color. Hair stylists use multiple blends of colors and formulas to add dimension to your hair and help you achieve your perfect look. They know what developer strengths and processing times are required for different formulas.

Lightning Damage

Now box dyes are selling a one application solution to lightening your hair. You may need to lighten your hair several times, depending on your previous color. Box lighteners are highly concentrated. The damage can last for years. Your hair may break and your bleach application will probably be uneven. A professional will not only give you the color you want, but they will also do it in the least damaging way possible and give you tools and tricks to help make your color last.

Color Correction

Sure that $10 hair color may seem like an affordable solution,  but if something goes wrong, you could be stuck with a very expensive color correction. Your hair could be over processed, leaving you with no option but to go to a salon for a miracle. You end up spending way more time and money than if you went to a salon in the first place.

Are you thinking about coloring your hair before your Valentines Day date? Put the box color down! Your hair color and hair health is in good hands when you visit LJ Hair Design.