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Things To Know Before Getting Bangs


From color to style, your hair says a lot about you.  You may be at a point in your life where you need a big hair change. Everyone has wondered if they should get bangs at least once. Although it may not seem like a big deal, cutting bangs (or fringe) is actually an important decision. They have the power to transform not only your hairstyle but your entire face. You would be changing your look completely, so what if you don’t like it. There isn’t exactly an undo option. When it comes to getting bangs, you need to know how to style them, whether or not they’ll work for your face shape, and if you have time to deal with them. This style a big commitment, so consider these things before the big cut.

Bangs Require Maintenance

Bangs are high maintenance and require work. Think about how much time you spend on your hair. If you want bangs to look great, you need to be prepared to spend extra time styling them every day. If you are not willing to put in the effort styling bangs, don’t get them. While wavy and curly hair does require more styling effort, even women with straight hair can wake up with their bangs going all different ways. They need to be styled, tamed at night, during workouts, and kept at their optimal length for best results.

They Grow Fast

Short hair requires frequent trimmings to look great. This idea is the same for bangs. You’ll get your beautiful fringe and then realize a few weeks later that they’re not the same anymore. It’s probably because they’re getting long. Don’t get frustrated and just clip them back with a bobby pin to keep them out of your eyes. Depending on your hair growth rate, you may need a bang trim every 2-3 weeks to keep them at their optimal length. In particular, solid, blunt ones do not grow out well. Unlike a wispy look you can see through, they’re going to be in your eyes when overgrown. And it’s not really a style you can push back or wear to the side. The heavy blunt bang is something you need to keep sleek each day.

Hair Texture

Even those with naturally curly or wavy hair can look great with bangs. Whether you wear them straight or leave them textured, be prepared to spend even more time, and products, to keep your fringe looking styled. If you have wavy hair, try soft, longer side ones. For curly hair, cut them dry. Curly hair shrinks as it dries, so if you cut them wet, you may find they are too short when they are dry. Take your hair texture/type into consideration before cutting bangs. Blunt/heavy ones look great on thick hair while fine hair may need something softer and side swept. If you have a middle part, full front bangs may not work.

Bangs Get Oily

Bangs will get oily faster than the rest of your hair. Be prepared to wash them more frequently than the rest of your hair. The good news is that you can wash them in the sink, which is a faster and easier way. You can also use dry shampoo, but be sure to get one that won’t leave a white residue in your hair.

Face Shape

It is important to note that some styles don’t work for everyone. Be aware to how the bang style can flatter your face shape. Some look better with a full-fringe bang, and others look best with a simple side bang. A long-swept side bang looks amazing on round face shapes. Square face shapes should avoid heavy blunt bangs that will only make their face look more square. Not everyone’s face is made for bangs or even the same type of bang. Small foreheads should stay away from blunt heavy fringe while long faces should consider them. Your face shape is a great factor to consider before your next hair appointment, so ask your hair stylist what different styles of bangs would work for your face shape. There may be a different style that you don’t know about!

Growing Them Out

Taking the chop is easy, but the hardest part is when you don’t want them anymore. There will come a time where you want to grow your them out. While it is amazing how fast they grow judging by the number of trims you need to maintain them, growing them out can seem like the slowest process on earth. Be prepared for some creative, and still cute, hairstyles to try while growing out your fringe.

You’ll never truly know if bangs are for you until you’ve tried them. Hair grows out evenly, so step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. At LJ Hair Design, every haircut comes with a free consultation, allowing us to collaborate with you to create individual, modern, wearable hairstyles to fit any lifestyle.