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Things To Know Before Coloring Your Hair

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Do you find yourself dreaming of a soft ombre? Or perhaps you want to indulge your inner unicorn with rainbow hair? Hair coloring has become a major form of self-expression. It can be tempting to want to shake up your current color and try something new, but coloring virgin hair can be pretty daunting. Before running to the salon, take a step back and think about a few things. While hair color is safe, a lot of how you treat your hair will have to change after the first drop of color is added. Here are some things to think about before coloring your hair.

How To Get The Color You Want

Walking in and saying you want “red hair” or ” some blonde streaks” just won’t cut it. Neither will saying you want “cream soda blonde” or “caramel highlights.” Color lingo means different things to different stylists. Prevent the post-salon meltdown by taking time to sit down with your stylist. Show your stylist pictures of hair color that you love. Pictures are a great way of ensuring you’re on the same page because simply saying you want Taylor Swift blonde hair may get you her golden blonde shade from 2012 or a white blonde shade from 2017.

Book A Consultation And Be Realistic

Your rainbow hair may look super cute, but is it attainable for your hair? When coloring your hair, you not only have to think about your starting color, but you also have to think about hair health and skin tone. If your hair is naturally dark, it may take a few appointments to get to the light blonde color you want. Starting with highlights may be a better place to start than an all over lightening. It will protect your overall hair health in the end and also make it so you don’t lose as much, or any, length with each visit to the salon. Listen to your stylist. If they say another shade of what you want will look better with your skin tone, take it into consideration. Their job is to make you look and feel your best.

Also, keep in mind that some hair color jobs require a lot of upkeep. This can mean coming to the salon every month. If you are prepared to spend s lot of time on your hair, great! If not, you may need to pick a lower maintenance color. That, and after you dye your hair, growing it out is the only way to completely return to your natural color.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Beforehand

It’s really annoying when your hair-washing routine doesn’t align with your plans. That being said, don’t make the mistake of showing up to your appointment with freshly washed hair. Clean hair can be too “slippery.” Having a little oil not only gives your hair a little grip, but it also protects your scalp. This is especially important if you are lightening your hair or having an all over tint applied.

Ditch Your Current Shampoo And Conditioner

Let’s be honest. Your $2 shampoo and conditioner from the supermarket probably won’t cut it for your new colored hair. Throw it out! After one process, your hair automatically becomes more porous and dry as the cuticle is opened up. To prevent your hair from feeling like straw or fading after the first wash by investing in a good shampoo and conditioner. Ask your stylist to recommend the perfect shampoo and conditioner to maintain your new color, replenish lost moisture, and strengthen your strands

Be Prepared For Some Serious Upkeep

No matter how you care for your strands, fading is inevitable. Since hair grows at about a 1/2 inch every month, you’ll at least have to get your roots done every 4-6 weeks, depending on the look you’re going for. During your consultation, discuss your lifestyle with your stylist. Talk about what you can realistically manage in regards to maintenance. Opting for a tint that needs to be refreshed every 3 weeks when you can only come every couple of months is not practical.

You Might Need To Switch Up Your Make-Up Routine

No. We’re serious. Your makeup routine is based on your skin color and your hair color. Switching your hair color could cause your makeup and hair to clash. It may be worth experimenting with different makeup tones and colors.

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