Hi! I’m Libby and my path to my passion has a slightly different twist than most of my colleagues. I didn’t know as a child that I wanted to do hair. As a matter of fact, I was a low maintenance, no make-up, “who says I have to comb my hair” kind of girl. My Junior year of high school, my father told me to learn a trade so I would always have a backup plan, so rather than taking nursing like he suggested, I signed up for Cosmetology. And I hated it!
Fast forward a few years: I took a job as an assistant in a salon while I figured out what to do with my life. Under the careful guidance of some of the best stylists in my area, I fell in love with hair color. I couldn’t get enough education. I traveled to Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles to learn from the very best. 28 years later and my happy place is still up to my elbows in hair color! I love people and I love helping them feel beautiful and special.