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Spring Is In The (H)Air: Benefits of Dyeing Your Hair

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Spring is just around the corner and as the season of renewal and rebirth, it’s the ideal time for a fresh look at your hair care routine. In “Spring Haircare: Get Fresh, Healthy Hair” we covered several ways to prevent damage and fight frizz:

  • Get a haircut to remove dry, damaged, or broken ends.
  • Keep your hair from getting wet during those spring showers (wet hair is more susceptible to breakage).
  • Regularly condition your hair to nourish your locks, seal in moisture, and retain natural oils.
  • Embrace the power of anti-frizz serum.
  • Detangle before you hop in the shower.
  • Protect your hair against chlorine damage.
  • Air dry your hair to give your strands a break from hot styling tools.

Revamping your hair care strategy is all about protecting and nurturing your hair to help it look its best. But spring, the season of change, is also an ideal time to freshen or switch up your hair color!

Before Dyeing Your Hair

Regardless of the hue, hair color has become a form of self-expression that is closely tied to your sense of identity. If you’ve never dyed your hair before but are considering it in the near future, check out these two articles:

  1. Things To Know Before Coloring Your Hair.” From finding the perfect shade to maintaining your color between salon visits, this article breaks down the ins and outs of dyeing your hair for the first time.
  2. Why You Should Not Box Dye Your Hair.” Box dyes are notoriously unpredictable. Even if you’ve dyed your hair in the past, there is no guarantee you’ll achieve your desired color and there is an increased risk of chemical damage from box lighteners. If you love your hair, always schedule an appointment with a salon professional. (Like LJ Hair Design!)

The Benefits of Dyeing Your Hair

Hair color is more than just a fashion statement. And it’s about more than just self-expression. From full color to highlights to ombre/balayage, women (and men) dye their hair for a number of reasons:

  • It makes you happy. The right hair color can have the same effect as eating a bar of chocolate. It enhances your mood and boosts your confidence.
  • Your color will grow out. Hair dye doesn’t last forever. Depending on the shampoo you use, the color you pick, and the amount of times you wash your hair, your color can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Because your color grows out, it gives you a chance to experiment with different tones so you don’t feel like you have to commit to any single style for too long.
  • It improves your skin tone. The right color can compliment your skin and eye color, and give your skin a glowing complexion.
  • It cover those pesky grays. Gray hair is part of life. You can be 20 years old with a few streaks. For those who are not quite ready to show off this badge of honor, hair dyes can conceal those rogue strands.
  • It makes your hair look thicker. Hair dyes plump your strands, creating the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.
  • It adds depth. Compared to all over color, highlights, ombres, and balayages add texture and create depth.
  • It makes your hair shinier. Depending on the color you choose and the way it reflects light, your color can appear brighter, shinier, and richer.
  • It smooths your hair. The same way dyes coat your hair to make it plumper, hair dyes also weigh down your locks a little more, keeping your hair smoother and more manageable.

At LJ Hair Design we want every client to leave the salon looking and feeling their best. Call 716-297-4373 today to schedule your next appointment and get psyched for your spring ‘do!