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Spring 2020 Hair Color Trends

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March madness leads to April sadness and when the seasonal blues strike, the first thing you want to do is find a silver lining to transform your outlook. With the current climate plagued by fears of COVID-19, self-care is about to become an afterthought. You’ll be thinking about your children stuck home from school, your elderly neighbors who need groceries, your family members and friends, and even people you’ve never met before who are victims of the pandemic. But let us stop you right there and remind you to take a deep breath and turn your attention to something bright and beautiful that radiates positivity: spring is here.

Hair Color Care

In “Spring Is In The (H)Air: Benefits of Dyeing Your Hair” we explored several ways that dyeing your hair is about more than just self-expression or making a fashion statement. Dyeing your hair makes you happy. It improves your skin tone. It makes your hair shinier and smoother. Dyeing your hair just makes you feel good. If we could bottle that joy we would!

Once you recognize the benefits of dyeing your hair, the next logical step is to pick a color.

Spring 2020 Hair Color Trends

In Fall, hair color is all about nature. It focuses on capturing and symbolizing the fiery reds, burning yellows, and warm browns of the autumnal season. In Spring, those trends get tossed aside in favor of much broader color and style options.

For Spring 2020, plan to see these hot hairstyles hitting the street:


Get ready to sizzle because dimensional brunettes are going to be H.O.T. The term you’ll hear is “Twilighting” which essentially combines babylights (very fine, subtle highlights) with balayage (sweeping color for a more natural gradation from dark to light.)

The basic idea: Deep, rich brunette base. Light brown/caramel babylights.

Although twilighting will work on lighter, softer shades of brunette, deeper browns will have the most dramatic result.


Worried about those dark roots coming in? Don’t! Rooty blondes (shadow roots) are going to be big this season.

And don’t dive into this trend on an empty stomach because we’re warming up the tones to your favorite fruity shades. Say bye-bye icy platinums, and hello rich honey, strawberry, and apricot blondes!


Go bright and bold but keep it natural. The classic copper is going to be a spring favorite!

General Trends

Regardless if you’re blonde, brunette, or blue, focus on two main trends.

First is for the curly girls: chunky highlights! 90s kids can rejoice as we bring back 90’s chunks with a modern twist. Basically you’ll want more separation between your base color and your highlights.

Second is high contrast. Think deep bases with light, bright accents. Treat your hair like a work of art and don’t be afraid to embrace vibrant colors!

Never Dyed Your Hair Before?

Regardless of the hue, hair color is a form of self-expression that highlights your sense of identity. For those who want to dye their hair for the first time, check out these two articles:

  1. Things To Know Before Coloring Your Hair.” From finding the perfect shade to maintaining your color between salon visits, this article breaks down the ins and outs of dyeing your hair for the first time.
  2. Why You Should Not Box Dye Your Hair.” Box dyes are notoriously unpredictable. Even if you’ve dyed your hair in the past, there is no guarantee you’ll achieve your desired color and there is an increased risk of chemical damage from box lighteners. If you love your hair, always schedule an appointment with a salon professional. (Like LJ Hair Design!)

At LJ Hair Design we want every client to leave the salon looking and feeling their best. Whether you want to jump on a Spring 2020 hair color trend or are simply looking to refresh your color, call 716-297-4373 today to schedule your next appointment and get psyched for your spring ‘do!