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Maintaining Your Perfect Brown Shade

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Oh The Possibilities!

Brown hair is one of the most common hair colors and one of the most versatile. From delicious chocolate browns and rich mahoganies to warm chestnuts and soft caramels, brown hair is everywhere!

But like any hair color, daily wear-and-tear, exposure to elements, and improper color care can lead to dry, dull strands and a faster fade–especially if your hair is naturally blonde or extremely porous.

Protect your hair and preserve your color with these brown hair color maintenance tips:

Hair Maintenance Tips For Dealing With Unexpected Warmth

Blondes aren’t the only ones who worry about their hair color becoming brassy. Brassiness is unwanted warm tones–in blondes: yellow. In brunettes: orange and red–that show up in hair that has been lightened. We won’t delve too deeply into the science behind it, but brassy tones usually become a problem for two main reasons:

  1. During the lifting process, you strip your hair of its natural color, replacing it with artificial pigments. When the lifting does not remove all the underlying pigment in your hair, it increases your risk of becoming brassy.
  2. Hair dye contains red, blue, and yellow molecules. Because blue are the smallest, they easily break down, leading to a quicker fade. The remaining red and yellow become the predominant pigments, adding that undesired warmth.

Some people favor that hint of red threading their mane, but for those who prefer a cooler, ashier tone, that unexpected red or orangey tinge is a major letdown. For combatting brassiness, your secret weapon should be a color depositing shampoo or conditioner. These products are ideal for boosting color brilliance between salon visits because they naturally deposit color without the need for additional lighteners. You can also use color depositing shampoos to counteract your brassiness. The same way a blonde uses a purple shampoo (purple is opposite of yellow on the color wheel,) brunettes can use blue shampoos to cool down their color.

Hair Maintenance Tips For Any Shade of Brown


As mentioned in “Maintaining Your Perfect Red Shade,” the easiest way to extend your hair color is to wash your hair less frequently. If you wash your hair daily, reduce the number of shampoos to only 3 or 4 times per week, and use cold water. Cold water keeps your cuticles closed, preventing less pigment from leaching out.

Skipping a day or two between shampoos will also improve the overall health of your hair. Water causes your hair strands to swell, forcing the cuticle up. Over time, this results in dry, frizzy, and broken strands.

Instead, try a protective hairstyle like a ponytail, bun, or braid to minimize the appearance of oily hair. Or use a dry shampoo to soak up excess oils, grease, and sweat. Simply spray or sprinkle along your hairline, then brush it out!


Not all shampoos are created equal. Nourishing shampoos clean and condition while hydrating shampoos are moisture-balancing to promote healthy, more manageable hair. When it comes to maintaining your hair color, choose a shampoo labeled “sulfate-free.” Sulfate-free shampoos pair perfectly with color treated hair because sulfates are what creates that rich lather that strips away natural oils. Sulfate-free shampoos provide a gentler clean that won’t dry out your hair or strip your color, and won’t irritate sensitive skin. Wash with cold water to keep your hair shafts closed and extend the life of your color.

We also recommend a shampoo like Goldwell Dual Senses Color or Color Extra Rich Shampoo and Conditioner that have the same pH level as hair and skin. Usually, a 4.5 to 5.5. By matching pH levels, it keeps the cuticle closed to prevent your color molecules from washing down the drain. Your shampoo will vary depending on your hair type and texture, so consult with your stylist about which shampoo is best for your needs!


We cannot stress enough how important it is to hydrate your hair. Hydrating shampoos and conditioners keep hair healthy and prevent breakage, regardless whether your hair color is natural or dyed. With that being said, well-moisturized hair holds its color better. Use a daily leave-in conditioner to moisturize, smooth, and add shine. Once a week, use a deep conditioner to moisturize, hydrate, and repair your color treated locks. The healthier your hair is, the better your color will look!

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