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Maintaining Your Perfect Blonde Shade


Maintaining the perfect shade of blonde can be a hassle. From the dangers of brassiness from the natural elements to the dangers of over styling and processing, maintaining your blonde hair can be a struggle. Going to the salon is important to maintaining your hair no matter the color or type. However, there are things you can do outside of the salon to help protect your color. Here are some tips to keep your blonde tresses looking great!


For those who do not have naturally blonde hair, achieving blonde hair can be a very damaging process. Lightening strips our hair of the oil and nutrients sealed inside the cuticle. The result is dry, brittle hair. Lightening should never be done at home. Always seek out a professional as they will know how to best preserve the integrity of your hair, while also making it look great! To bring your hair back to life, invest in a good leave-in conditioner or a deep repair mask. Deep conditioning treatments are great ways to help prevent breakage and nourish the hair.


Heat Protection

The less heat styling, the better! If your hair was lightened to achieve the perfect shade of blonde, stay away from heat! Lightening strips the cuticle, making it harder for your hair to hold onto nutrients. Adding excessive heat styling on top of chemical processing will add additional damage, causing dullness and breakage. That being said, you are always going to style your hair. Alternatives like letting your hair air dry or styling it in a bun, braid or updo are good ways to protect the integrity of your hair. If you have to heat style your hair, using a good heat protectant is a must to fight damage and keep your color from fading.

Sun Protection

We know everyone loves sun, but overexposure to the sun is not only damaging to your skin, but your hair as well! UV rays can dry out your hair, resulting in brassiness. To protect your hair, a good option is to wear a hat or a scarf.  If your hair is going to be in direct sunlight, a UV/heat protectant is a great way to protect your hair.


Overtime, exposure to the natural elements can leave your hair looking brassy. To help fight this, investing in a purple shampoo is a good idea. Purple shampoo will help combat brassy tones and leave your hair a cool, ashy color. This is because purple is opposite yellow on the color wheel. The purple pigments in the shampoo are absorbed by your hair. The pigment will cover and cancel any warm yellow tones. Purple shampoo is an excellent product to use between trips to the salon. If your hair is too brassy, increase your usage. If you find it is becoming too ashy, decrease how frequent you use the shampoo. But beware, too much of any shampoo can leave your hair dry. Opt for a sulfate free shampoo and wash your hair as minimally as you can.

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