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Love Is In The (H)Air

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In the words of Lady Gaga (who isn’t afraid to experiment with her hair): “…I just wanna be myself, And I want you to know, I am my hair…I’m the spirit of my hair, it’s all the glory that I bare, I am my hair…”

Our hair can have a major effect on our self-esteem and is closely tied to our sense of identity and how we are perceived by others. Bold colors, dramatic cuts, beautiful styles, the way we wear our hair says something about who we are. It adds unnecessary pressure to live up to our personal view of what “looks good.” A bad hair day can instantly change how we feel, whether our hair is too frizzy, too flat, too greasy, or too dry. On the other hand, a good hair day can transform our outlook and give us the courage to take on the world.

In an effort to force our hair into looking good, we shampoo, condition, color, curl, straighten, smooth, and tease our hair into submission. A combination of general wear-and-tear, exposure to winter elements, and overuse of hot styling tools have left our strands dry, fragile, and prone to breakage.

So how we can love our hair and help it look its best?

Love Is In The Haircare

The key to haircare is to tailor your daily routine to fit the current season. In “Winter Haircare: Restore Moisture“, we offered several tips to replenish lost moisture so that your hair stays strong, happy, and healthy all season long. One of the easiest tips to follow can also be the most challenging because many of us have tricked ourselves into thinking that glossy curls and silky straight hair are the way to go. Even if you use a heat protectant to reduce moisture loss, it doesn’t change the fact that heat is one of the worst things for our hair, which is why we recommend periodically setting aside the hot styling tools to give your hair a break. After all, there are plenty of fun, low-maintenance hairstyles that don’t require heat such as braids, buns, twists, and ponytails!

Haircare Tip: When applying a heat-protectant, grab small sections of damp hair and mist each one from root to end. Then comb your hair to evenly distribute it along the entire shaft.

Love Is In The Air

To those fortunate enough to hop out of the shower and rush out the door with nothing more than a quick wet comb, bless you. For the rest of us, air-drying our hair seems daunting. Without a curling iron to create the perfect wave, how do we control the outcome? Allowing your hair to air-dry is a healthier approach to styling that actually requires less effort. The key is in the styling product.

Start by shampooing and conditioning with products labeled “moisturizing” or “hydrating” for a smooth, frizz-free appearance. Then, depending on your hair type and texture, use these styling products available in our salon:

Curly Hair

For curly hair use Color Proof Curl Perfecting Creme for soft curls and waves and Curl Perfecting Curl Mousse for more defined curls. These products enhance natural curl patterns, provide shape, separation, and control, activates curl memory, and defrizzes.

Thick Hair

For thick hair, use Goldwell Elixer Oil applied to damp hair to condition and combat frizz, followed by a smoothing product like Color Proof Anti-frizz Creme to smooth the cuticle.

Fine Hair

For fine hair, use Dualsenses Ultra Volume Bodifying Spray on damp hair for weightless detangling and conditioning while adding volume, followed by Dualsenses Soft Volumizer Spray for added hold and volume without weight.

At LJ Hair Design we want your hair to always look its best. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!