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Let’s Get Real About Shampoo

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Real Talk: The Pros and Cons of Washing Your Hair

Just like bathing and brushing your teeth, washing your hair is a hygiene essential, one that is constantly being debated. Who hasn’t read a beauty article about a woman who “has not shampooed her hair in three years” or who “only uses conditioner with a single shampoo once every six months.” These new age beauty regimes are great in theory–depending on the amount of hair you have, buying shampoo can become very expensive–but the reality is, you need to regularly shampoo your hair.

You might be asking yourself, “Didn’t you say in a recent blog that over-shampooing is bad for my hair?”

Yes, we have. In fact, we talk extensively about shampooing because the shampoo you use, how you use it, and when you use it, all affect the health and appearance of your hair and scalp. No one wants dirty, oily hair, and no wants to strip their hair of its natural oils. It’s a give and take.

Before we dive into the choosing the right shampoo, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of washing your hair:

  • Pro: The main purpose of shampoo is to remove dirt, oil, sweat, and styling products from the surface of your strands and scalp. By washing your hair and cleaning away this build up, your hair appears shinier and healthier.
  • Pro: Water and bar soap alone are not always effective at removing dirt and oil, and won’t untangle or reduce frizz. Washing your hair with shampoo prevents a buildup of oil, dirt, and dead skin cells.
  • Con: By not washing your hair, the build of oil, sweat, and styling products:
    • Clogs pores, leading to potential ingrown hairs.
    • Clogs pores and weighs down your strands, putting stress on your scalp which leads to potential hair loss.
    • Weighs down hair, making it appear flatter and thinner.
  • Pro: Washing your hair clears away dirt and oil that attract and hold onto dust and smells, like smoke, perfume, sweat, and other aromas. Basically, you smell better!
  • Pro: Specially formulated shampoo can treat hair and scalp conditions such as dandruff and hair loss.
  • Pro: Specially formulated shampoo can revive your hair color and extend the life of your dye job between salon visits.
  • Pro: Specially formulated shampoos such as:
    • Nourishing shampoos clean and condition.
    • Hydrating shampoos balance moisture.
    • Volumizing shampoos add body.
    • Dry shampoos (sprays or powders) soak up excess grease and oils, allowing you to go a day or two without shampooing your hair–an alternate to washing your hair that allows you to go a few days between washes. However, it is not meant for long-term practice.

While you don’t need to shampoo daily, routinely cleansing your strands from roots to ends will go a long way in improving and maintaining the overall health of your hair.

The Right Shampoo For Your Hair

Picking the right shampoo for your specific hair type, texture, and goal will probably require a little research on your end, or an in-depth chat next time you visit the salon. Again, different shampoos are formulated to produce different results. Someone with very oily hair might want a shampoo with sulfates for a deeper clean that strips hair of excess oil, but someone with very color-treated hair will want a sulfate-free shampoo so it won’t strip their hair color. Someone with thin, fine hair will want to avoid creamy shampoos that will weigh down their strands while someone with thick, coarse hair will want a creamy, moisturizing shampoo that simultaneously hydrates and smooths their locks.

Our best piece of advice: read the label. Every shampoo will specify its purpose, allowing you to make an informed decision about your hair care products.

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