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How Often Do You Need To Get A Haircut?


The trick to strong, healthy, and even long hair is getting it cut. By trimming your hair, you prevent the hair from splitting up the cuticle. Breakage happens when the split goes up the hair shaft and the hair becomes so thin it breaks. Cutting your hair can help avoid this. However, how long you wait between cuts is dependent on your hair. Some need their hair cut every month, while others do it a few times a year. Things like your hair type, how often you color your hair, if you use hot tools, and how long your hair is can affect when you should get your hair cut.

Curly Hair that is Course – 12 weeks

For anyone with tight, kinky curls, you can wait anywhere from 2 months to 12 weeks between cuts. If you want to grow out your length, remove a quarter of an inch each visit. For colored hair, check the advice of a hair stylist and check if the hair needs cutting every time you are having it colored.

Virgin Hair – 12 weeks

For young people, their unprocessed hair is the healthiest it will ever be. Virgin hair can go up to three months between trims without looking frayed. This applies if your hair has never been colored, you do not use hot tools frequently, and you are in your early 20’s or younger.

Long Hair that is Wavy or Straight – 8 to 12 weeks

For long, uniform length hair, you can wait 8 to 12 weeks until your next cut. However, make sure your hair is taken care of in between. This style doesn’t require frequent maintenance, but proper care with moisturizing hair masks and minimal heat usage, can help your hair from splitting and breaking too quickly.

Fine or Medium Curly Hair – 8 to 12 weeks

Curly hair is prone to dryness. For those with curly hair, that are also vigilant about keeping it hydrated, their hair is normally healthy. Waiting two to three months between cuts is a good amount of time for healthy curls. For finer hair, keep it closer to the two month side. Thin curls can look stringy and stretched if they have too much length.

Layers – 6 to 8 weeks

For longer layers, waiting 6 to 8 weeks is long enough to allow for growth, but short enough to keep face-framing layers in place. If you have a lot of layers of different lengths, stay closer to the 6 week mark. Waiting too long can make your layers look ragged. Keep the length fresh and the style in place by going for a cut every 6 weeks.

Bob/Lob – 6 weeks

If your bob is cut cleanly and has sharp lines, it usually grows out nicely.  A one-length bob doesn’t have layers in the crown that will lose fullness, so 6 weeks between visits to the salon is a good amount of time.  Layered bobs, and a-line bobs, require more frequent visits to maintain their shape and fullness.  4-5 weeks between salon visits will keep these bobs looking fresh.

Fine Hair that is Wavy or Straight – 4 to 6 weeks

Fine hair needs to be constantly reshaped, but to keep it long, you don’t want to cut too much off. It can look great for weeks, but wait too long and it will looks limp and lifeless. Waiting 4 to 6 weeks will help keep your hair in check.

Short Hair – 4 weeks

For short hair, any growth will dilute the style. Keep your hair looking precise and polished by getting it trimmed every 4 weeks. If you are more relaxed about your hair, or growing out short hair, stretching it to 6 weeks is also ok. Coming in every 2 weeks is also an option to clean up around the ears and nape.

Damaged Hair – 4 weeks

There is no way to undo damage from chemical processing, coloring, or heat styling. However, monthly cuts will help your hair by gradually cutting off damaged hair while allowing healthy roots to grow in. Additionally, deep conditioning treatments can help to restore moisture lost by chemical, color or heat damage.

Bangs – 2 weeks

For blunt, heavy or straight bangs, trimming every other week will keep them looking fresh and also keep them out of your face. If your bangs are side-swept or wispy, you can probably stretch it out a little longer. The time between bang trims depends on your style, how long you keep your bangs, if you are growing them out and the general condition of your hair.

How often you should visit the salon is very personal. Your stylist will give you tips on how to best protect the condition of your hair and how to keep your style. Trust the stylists at LJ Hair Design to give you your best haircut ever! Book an appointment today!