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Hair Prep: What To Do Before An Updo

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Think of the last wedding you attended. What was your favorite part? The dress? The cake? The dancing? It might be a subtle overlook, but any bride-to-be understands the importance of her hair.

In this day and age, everyone owns a camera, whether it’s on their phone, their iPad, or in their hand, and a wedding is the perfect opportunity for guests to show off their photography skills. This means you need a hairstyle that looks good from every angle. Don’t get caught fussing with vision-blocking bangs or sporting messy, frizzy hair. When it comes time for the big day, be kind to yourself and go with an updo.

Hair Prep

Here are some friendly tips to make your appointment run as smoothly as possible on your Big Day.


The concept of “dirty hair” holding a style better is simply a question of how moisturized or oily your hair is. If the hair is too clean, it’s harder to work with, but the same goes for if hair is too greasy or oily. You know your hair best but before jumping into the shower, consider your normal routine:

If you wash your hair every day, stick to your routine. We recommend washing your hair a few hours before your appointment to give it time to fully dry.
If you don’t wash your hair every day, wash it the night before. This will allow your hair time to dry and will clean strands of excess oil.

Know what you want before you arrive.

Don’t show up the day of without a clear idea (or as close as possible) of your ideal hairstyle. Coming unprepared will only stretch out your appointment and add unnecessary stress. When scheduling your appointment, it may be a good idea to meet with your stylist beforehand to discuss the look you want to achieve.

Don’t dramatically change your hair.

It’s a week before your wedding and you suddenly have the desire to chop off six inches and get bangs or switch up your hair color. After all, you want to look your best! But making dramatic changes can also have the opposite effect. If you’re worried about noticeable split ends or dark roots, consult your stylists about the best time to “freshen up” your hair.

Wear a button-down or loose fitting shirt to your appointment.

You know the deal. Your hair is perfectly styled and in place, but then you go to remove that tight-fitting shirt and knock your bun askew. Now what? Don’t risk messing up your tresses. Wear a button-down shirt or loose fitting shirt that is easily removable to prevent yourself from ruining your hair.

Give yourself time.

Always gives yourself too much time for your appointment. This will reduce your stress and ensure that your stylist is not rushed to complete your look.

Our last tip is an easy one: have fun!

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