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Fall Haircare: Preventing Breakage

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Seasonal Switch Up

Summer was fun (and long) but Fall has officially come to Western New York. With it comes bonfires, cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice, and everything nice! But Fall also brings cooler temperatures and crisp, dry air. As a result, those shiny, bouncy locks are about to turn limp and frizzy, and fill with static. So what can you do to protect your hair?

The key to haircare is tailoring your routine to fit the season. In the summer months it’s all about protecting your hair against sun damage because sun breaks down the bonds in your hair that make it strong. In the fall, haircare is all about preventing breakage. Breakage interferes with your hair’s natural growth period and is characterized by frizz, brittle texture, tangles, broken off wisps, and split ends.

Step up your haircare game by following these easy tips to keep your hair strong, happy, and healthy!

Hydrate and Moisturize

Cold air makes hair and skin feel dry and itchy because it decreases your ability to maintain moisture. When hair dries out it becomes dull or frizzy, and can split or break at the ends. Dry, dehydrated hair can also lead to dandruff and wispy fly-aways.

Combat frizz by incorporating a quality conditioner into your regular shower routine. Conditioners are formulated to nourish hair, seal in moisture, and retain your hair’s natural oils. Regularly conditioning will make it softer and shinier.

If you’re worried about your conditioner leaving a residue on your hair, condition before you shampoo. Your hair will still benefit from the increased hydration but you won’t have that heavy, “greasy” feel afterwards.

Get a Trim

Sun, heat, chlorine, and hot styling tools all do a number on your hair strands. Repeated exposure can lead to damaged, split ends and flaky roots. The simplest way to strengthen your hair is to get it cut! Regular haircuts make your hair healthier, reduce the chance of split ends traveling up the strand to cause further damage, and make your hair appear thicker and longer.

Things like hair type, how often you color your hair, and how long your hair is all affect the length of time you can go between salon visits. Check out our previous article “How Often Do You Need To Get A Haircut” to discover how often you should be visiting LJ Hair Design!

Let Your Hair Hang Loose

When it’s eighty degrees and you’re melting under a hot summer sun, it’s practically an instinct to tie your hair into a ponytail and get it off your neck or back. However, hair ties constantly pull at your hair, leading to breakage and scalp stress. As the temperatures turn, skip the hair tie and let your hair hang loose or pin it away from your face.

Boost Volume and Prevent Static

Fall ushers in a period of decreased humidity, and decreased humidity means flat hair. Amp up your style by using products that “volumize” or “add body”. Pomades and shine serums. Mousse. Dry shampoo. Hairspray. Sea salt spray. There’s an abundance of haircare products to choose from so consult your stylist to see what works best with hair type and daily routine.

At LJ Hair Design we want your hair to always look its best. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!