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Tis the Season . . . To Dye Your Hair Darker

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Come To The Dark Side (We Have Style!)

While there’s no right or wrong when it comes to your fall hair color, most women tend to go darker for winter. During the summer, the sun’s rays naturally lighten your hair. We won’t dive too deeply into the science behind it but your hair and skin cells contain a pigment called melanin. The sun breaks down and oxidizes the melanin in your hair, bleaching it, and it breaks down the keratin bonds that make your hair smooth, leaving it dry and frizzy. During the winter, there’s less sunlight, so your hair naturally darkens. Last month we discussed Fall haircare in terms of protecting your hair against breakage –the greatest source of damage to your luscious locks–but there’s a playful side to the colder months and it involves bringing the bewitching hues of autumn into your hair color.

Color Cues From Nature

Take a look out the window. What do you see? Change! The vivid greens of summer are giving way to fiery reds, burning oranges, and golden yellows. The picturesque scene outside your window should serve as #hairspiration for your Fall hair color.

Remember: dyeing your hair doesn’t have to be a dramatic transformation but switching up your style can be a big confidence booster. The right hair color can enhance your mood, give your skin a glowing complexion, and make you feel great!

From a simple retouch to highlights to full color, there are several “Things To Know Before Coloring Your Hair.” Once you’re ready to make the switch, it’s time to choose a hue.

Fall Hair Color: A (Very) Brief Overview Of This Seasons Hottest Trends

Fall hair color trends almost always take their cues from nature–reds, oranges, and yellows–but the shades and tones recommended by stylists vary from head to head and even year to year. What was popular last year may still be the “go-to” style for 2018, but as the times change, so do hair color trends.

Blonde Hair

The summer sun bleached your hair to a light, white blonde so this Fall, it’s time to add warmth by incorporating honey tones.

Red Hair

There’s something special about coppery colored strands and the hair gods have taken notice. This season, lighter coppers–also known as strawberry blondes–will be bright with strong orange undertones. Deeper coppers will be either bright or muted and rusty. (A great look for girls who want to go red without shouting it from the rooftop.)

Red will also make a splash in the hair world as accents, especially in brunettes, as highlights through browns or subtle balayages. “I think we’ll see much more diffused rusty tones,” says owner Libby Johnson. “Think ‘pumpkin spice.'”

Brown Hair

Speaking of accents . . . rose gold, rosy brown, and coral hues have been making the rounds in recent months, but brunettes can rejoice as we embrace a color trend inspired by their deep brown hue: Chili Chocolate. According to Allure, this “rich, spicy shade” uses “layers of auburn painted over deep browns” to give you a chance to play around with red hair while still keeping your natural shade. For the all-over browns, think rich and warm.

And don’t forget the trends that never go out of style, like balayage, or a popular (newish) trend: babylights! These super fine highlights diffuse base colors without creating any hard color lines.

This brief overview may inspire you but every visit to LJ Hair Design comes with a free consultation. We’ll review your fall hair goals to pick the perfect shade for your hair type and skin tone. You’ll leave feeling (and looking) your best! Call us at (716) 297-4373 to schedule your next appointment!