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COVID-19 At-Home Hair Care

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At-Home Hair Care To Beat The Quarantine Blues

For those who stick to a strict schedule and regularly visit their favorite salon (like LJ Hair Design!), being stuck at home without your favorite cut and color can be a major buzzkill. (But thank you for doing your part to stop the spread!) While guys have it easier – a pair of scissors or a hair trimmer and done – women do have a wide range of options for at-home hair care. Rather than run to the store for a box of hair dye that could ultimately damage or destroy your hair, try for these easy, hassle-free ways to make the most of your new ‘do!

Hide Your Roots

If your part line is showing your gray, try switching up your part. Often, your part line is grayer than the rest of your hair. Switching your part to the other side of your head may decrease the amount of visible gray hair. A temporary root concealer spray is also a good option. These sprays shampoo out and do a good job of concealing gray roots while not affecting future in-salon hair color services. As a last resort, though not recommended (especially for blondes), home color can be used to hide those grays. Stick with just the visible part line and hairline to prevent costly color corrections at your next salon appointment.

If your blonde has gotten a little too rooty, try a zigzag part. Breaking up your part line with a zigzag will help to mask the color difference. By disturbing the straight line of a part, you can soften the harsh color transition from dark to light. Or add some extra fluff: Creating extra volume by backcombing your hair will have a similar effect.

Out of Control Bangs

Curtain bangs are super hot right now. Part your bangs in the middle and push them aside like curtains. Or, create a side swept bang by pushing your bangs to one side or the other. To help keep your bangs in place, spray the ends of your fingers with hairspray until wet and then push your bangs to the side with your fingers.

Cutting your own bangs is never a really good idea, but if you feel the only way to preserve your sanity is to pick up those scissors, keep these things in mind: Err on the long side by cutting bangs at least a half inch longer than you want them (you can always go shorter). Pay attention to your cowlicks, they will bounce up, so allow them to sit in their natural state while you cut them.

Overgrown Haircut

Ponytails and braids just became your new best friend! Dress up your ponytail style with a quick braid in a small front section of your hair, pulled back into your ponytail. Or try braiding a piece of your ponytail and wrapping it around the ponytail holder. Secure with a bobby pin through the base of your ponytail.

For shorter hair that can’t be pulled into a ponytail, experiment with headbands, hair clips, and barrettes. Try less structured styles by using pomade and texture sprays to create extra movement and volume to create a looser, less perfect style.

Hang in there. Your stylist misses you as much as you miss her!