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Beautiful Brows

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When you look in the mirror, what’s the first thing you notice? Your eyes? Your nose? Your hair? What about your eyebrows?

Eyebrows have undergone some dramatic transformations over the past several decades, exploring a broad range of trends we love and hate. From Billie Holiday’s thinly painted brows to Brooke Shields bushy and untamed brows, they’ve been over-plucked, dyed, left alone, and nowadays threaded. But does anyone actually enjoy plucking their eyebrows? It stings. One always seems thicker than the other. And getting them even is a pain.

So how can you achieve perfect brows without the time consuming process of grooming them yourself? Eyebrow shaping at LJ Hair Design! It’s the perfect add-on to any haircut and since you’re already at the salon, it takes you almost no extra time to get done!

Beautiful Eyebrows For Every Face Shape

I read once that the trick to perfect eyebrows is to treat them like sisters, not twins. Save yourself the hassle of trying to pluck them into a perfect pair and let us help groom your brows to flatter your face shape:

Oval Face: Draw attention to your eyes with fuller brows.
Round Face: Add definition with angled arches.
Square Face: Narrow your face with an accented arch.
Heart Shape: Soften your features with a rounded arch.
Long Shape: Make your face look fuller with a shorter brow and a low arch.

eyebrow wax, eyebrows, grooming eyebrows, LJ Hair Design, waxing services

Grooming Between Salon Visits

For some women, their eyebrows grow as fast their hair and the need for a little TLC is strong. For those DIYers, there are certain things you can do between salon visits to keep your brows groomed:

  • Tweeze after you shower. The warm water opens your follicles, making plucking less painful.
  • Shape your brows to align with your facial features. The beginning of your brow should start where your nostrils begin and the arch should line up with the bridge of your nose.
  • Avoid a beauty disaster by tweezing in a bathroom with plenty of light.
  • Skip the magnifying mirror––it can be misleading and you can accidentally overpluck!
  • Fill in thinner brows with a pencil that compliments your brow color, especially near your arch which is naturally thicker.

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