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Balayage vs Ombre

Thinking about a new look for the winter season? Finally decided to highlight your hair but are not sure about what an ombre or a balayage is? Both are low maintenance options to switch up your style, so find out which technique is best for you!



The word ombre comes from the French word for “shadow” and is considered a style. This technique results in hair that gradually gets lighter from roots to end, with no dark pieces left on the bottom and a nice transition between colors. Depending on what you want, lightener may have to be involved. You may want a “sombre.” This is a softer style that is less noticeable while it grows out. A reverse ombre is a more dramatic style with a lighter color at the root. No matter the style, ombre is a good option if you are ok with a “rooty” look. With ombre, it can look like you skipped a few hair appointments. You’ll need to frequent your salon for touch-ups. Wavy or curly hair will hide the line where your natural hair and your colored hair meet, while straight hair will show more of a contrast.



The term balayage comes from the French word meaning “to sweep” and considered a technique. In Balayage, there are dark pieces left on the bottom, which create dimension and a more natural look. Balayage gives hair a more natural coloring, appearing sun-kissed when finished, like the natural highlights you get from being out in the sun. The transition between colors is more natural than an ombre and is more low maintenance. To apply color for a balayage, the stylist will sweep or paint the color through small triangle sections, giving a natural transition down to the lighter color. Cellophanes, foils or mesh strips can be used to separate sections from each other. Balayage may not require lightener depending on how light you want to go.  The classic balayage look is supposed to look natural, so you will probably only go 2-3 shades lighter than your natural color.

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